Manage your inbound calls professionally by adding call routing services in Australia !

Features of Call Routing Services


Call Routing Service

You can configure calls to a 1300, an 1800 or 13 number to be routed or to be received and answered by either an office landline number, a mobile number, an IVR supported answering service or a live answering service.

Calls can be classified according to where they originate from and at what time of the day or in which days you receive the calls and configure your ‘answer points’ to receive and answer the calls accordingly.

Area Dependent Routing

Calls are directed to a destination according to the area from which they originate. The destination number may be the same for a number of areas.

Please note that not all exchanges in Australia are covered by an area. If a person calls from an exchange that is not located in one of the Areas they will be routed to the Global Else Number.

Call Distributor Routing

Call traffic to a service number can be directed to different destinations according to a pre-set
ratio. This allows for overall traffic to be distributed amongst a number of different call
handling centers on a predetermined basis.

Please note that the distribution must total 100%

Call Screening/Call Barring

Call Screening/Barring lets you accept or reject incoming calls automatically on the basis of
their point of origin (for example, you can bar calls from mobile phones to minimise costs).
Barred calls are redirected to a standard voice announcement.

Days of Week Routing

This feature allows the destination of calls to be determined according to the day of the week.

Days of Year Routing

This feature caters for holidays and allows calls to be routed to a specific destination according
to the date. An example of usage of this feature would be to route calls from all State to the
NSW and QLD office on Melbourne Cup Day where the NSW and QLD offices are still open, but
the Melbourne office is closed.

Origin based routing

Calls can be classified according to the state, region or telephone exchange from where they originate and routed to different numbers or departments to maximise response efficiency.

State Based Routing

With State Based Routing you can do one of 2 things:

1. You can restrict access to a particular state or combination of states.

2. Calls can be sent to different destinations according to the state from which they originate.
The call is analyzed according to the state of origin and routed to the appropriate destination
number. The destination number may be the same for a number of states (or for all states) or it
may be different for each state.

Time Based Routing

Based on the time when you the receive the calls, they can be routed to different answer points.

Calls received during office hours or on weekdays can be routed to a particular telephone number and calls received after office hours and on weekends can be routed to a mobile phone or an IVR answering service or a Live Answering Service.

Time of Day Routing

This feature allows you to rout your calls according to the time of day


Call Finishing Point

This includes additional features such as Voice to Email and Fax to Email to avoid missing important calls and increasing efficiency, which will not only assist in a productive business but also augment the creative image of your business at large .

Call Splaying

The Call Splaying features provides the additional benefit and convenience of routing your incoming calls (on your 13/1300/1800 numbers) to one or more answer points including land-lines, mobile phones and call answering services.

Call Splaying can also be combined with call forward routing, which means that if the first number you try to reach is busy or not answering, the call can automatically be routed to the next number in line ensuring that calls are always answered quickly.

Fax to Email

With V Telecom’s Fax to Email feature, one can send and receive faxes without the need of a fax machine. This can done through your Computer or Smartphone from anywhere that you have access to email.

How Fax to Email works:

When you sign up for the Fax to Email feature, you are allocated a dedicated local number ((02, 03, 07 or 08) number for your fax service. You can route 1800, 13 and 1300 numbers to this number as an answer point.

When someone sends a fax to your allocated fax number, we receive it at our central Fax to Email server. We then convert the fax to either .PDF or .TIFF format, before sending it as an email attachment to your designated email address.

To read your fax, you simply double-click the email attachment to open it. (Note that appropriate software is required to view .PDF/.TIFF format files.)

Email to Fax (Email to Fax)

Sending a fax is as easy as sending an email attachment. You simply attach the document that you want to fax to an email (supported document types include Word, Excel, PDF, and JPG).

Send the email with attachment to the special Email2Fax address we provide to you, and include the recipient’s fax number for delivery.

You will receive confirmation once your fax has been successfully sent from our fax server.


  • Economical: Eliminate the cost of a fax machine, dedicated fax landline, electricity, paper, toner, and on-going maintenance.
  • Mobile: Send and receive faxes via email, you can even use your smartphone.
  • Paperless: Be friendly to the environment by printing only the faxes (or pages) you require.
  • Secure: Faxes are sent directly to your designated and secure email account.
  • Integrated: Fax to Email and Email to Fax services work with your 1300 numbers, 13 numbers and 1800 numbers.

Voice to Email

Voice messages are sent directly to your email, which allows you to access them quickly via computer or smartphone anywhere.

This provides you with the convenience of being able to access and control your voice messages when you’re out of office. Having the option to Receive these messages in digital form, also makes them easy to forward, file and archive.

How does it work?

When you sign up for the Voice to Email service, you are allocated a dedicated local number (02, 03, 07 or 08) number for your fax service. You can route your 1800, 13, 1300, to this number as an answer point (for example, for use when your phone is busy or not answering, plus outside of normal office hours).

When someone phones your allocated number, they hear your custom recorded greeting asking them to leave a message. The message they leave is received at our central server. We then convert the message to a .WAV file, before sending it as an email attachment to your designated email address.

To listen to your Voice to Email message, you simply double-click the email attachment to open it. (Note that appropriate software is required to listen to .WAV format files.)


  • Flexible: With Voice to Email feature, you can check your voice messages from anywhere via email, including through your smartphone.
  • Convenient :  A quick notification is sent to your designated email which only requires a click to open the Voice Message.
  • Integrated:  Voice to Email feature works with your designated 1300/1800/13 number.
  • Efficient: Store, Forward and maintain voice messages digitally


Value Added Services

Call Recording

This feature gives the additional benefit of recording both sides of your calls to help improve customer service and sales techniques (Call Centre Business). Recording incoming phone calls can help your business in a number of different ways:

  • Monitor the success of marketing campaigns (e.g. What questions did people ask? What were their expectations? )
  • Train and monitor call center staff to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce the possibility of disputes with an official record of what is said in every call.

How does call recording work?

When you sign up for the call recording service, you are allocated a dedicated local connect number (e.g. 02, 03, 07 or 08). You can also route 1800, 13 and 1300 numbers to this number as an answer point.

When a person calls your allocated number, the system automatically records both sides of the conversation. At the end of the phone call, the recording is made available to you via the web-based portal.

You also have the option to have all recordings sent to a designated email address. Your web-based portal provides a number of different configuration options, including the ability to turn call recording on and off.

Benefits Of Call Recording

  • Measurable
  • Record caller questions and expectations to help measure the success of different marketing campaigns.
  • Convenient
  • A fast and easy way to keep a record of important calls and verbal contracts.
  • Flexible
  • Use for a variety of purposes including staff training, monitoring of call centre staff, and conflict resolution.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Speech Recognition Solutions are ideal for small and medium-sized business enterprises with a relatively simple range of product or service offerings. Highly interactive and flexible, we can configure, design and customise a Speech Recognition Solution according to the specific needs of a business.

Live Answering

By using our Live Answering Service, you are assured of 24×7 attendances to all calls you receive. Enquiries and messages can be re-routed to your fax or e-mail so that you can respond to them at your convenience.